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Top Tips To Have Anal Sex With Manali Escorts

Anal sex is great, but only if you do it properly. If you are thinking of trying out anal sex for the first time with a Manali escort, then you must be wondering how to exactly start with anal sex. Right? Since this is not the regular kind of sex that people have, however, it is equally pleasurable and you would love it if you do it in the right way. Wondering what the right way is? Do not worry, we have some of the most amazing anal sex tips for you that will help you to experience the best anal sex with your partner.  

Anal Sex Tips for First-Timers

Well, the basic for enjoying great anal sex is preparation. If the preparation goes right, then you can stay rest assured that the session in bed is going to be the best. The best part is, that anal sex is safer than vaginal sex. It would even be suitable if you plan to do it regularly after you have tried it once. There are high chances of that since it is way more pleasurable. All you have to do is, prepare yourself. If you do that correctly, then you will surely enjoy it. Here are some anal sex tips for first-timers. 

  1. Relax your Body and Mind 

Being tense is the last thing that you would do to yourself before you attempt an anal penetration. When you hire an escort from Manali escorts, do not be nervous or hesitant. It might be your first time, but maybe not theirs. If you keep your mind and body calm, then they can guide you too so that you have a good anal sex session. Being nervous will only drain you out mentally and physically, and you would not want that at all. If you want a fun anal session then relaxing is a must. 

  1. Lather Up 

Anal sex is a little hard thing at the first go, however, if you follow the right process, you will not feel it that way. The butt hole where you would do the anal penetration is smaller than the vaginal hole, which makes the penetration a little difficult for you while a little painful for your partner too. However, this problem has a solution too. As already said, anal sex is all about the right preparation process. If you take call girls service in Manali, then tell her to take a shower before you start the action, or you can take a shower together as well! When you lather up the place, the penetration becomes easier. You can also use lubricants for smooth penetration. 

  1. Have a Long Foreplay 

Good and long foreplay is the key to good sex, be it an anal one or a vaginal one. If you have good foreplay before you start your anal action, then the process will become much easier. This is because good foreplay works the best for extreme arousal, and when you are extremely aroused, then you will not find anal sex to be that difficult with call girls Manali. You can also go in for a round of vaginal sex and then try anal sex. In short, do whatever arouses you. That will work to be the best. 

  1. Go Slow 

No matter how much lubricant you use or whatever you do, you will have to keep in mind that sliding into the back hole is tougher than sliding in the vaginal hole. Therefore, you will have to push in slowly. If you are taking Manali call girls service and planning to have anal sed with her, then do in for an anal sex session in the shower. The water flowing will make it easier to have great anal sex. If you do not do that, then try inserting a finger first and then go in with the real action. If you want, you can also use toys. However, no matter what you do, make sure to do it slowly. 

Bottom Line 

Experiencing anal sex is one of the best things. However, the process may not be easy. You will need a lot of patience if you are attempting anal sex. With patience and the right sex methods, anal sex is better, safer, and way more pleasurable, and you will love it for sure.

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