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Dirty Sex Things To Try With Manali Escorts

When you contact Manali escorts agency and get an escort to have a good time with, then you would not want to waste that by doing the regular things. Kinky sex can be really fun and these escorts will make you experience the kinkiest sex ever. If you have not yet tried being dirty in bed then you have not explored sex to its true essence yet. There are so many dirty and kinky things to do. You would love doing this and once you try these out, you are going to keep on exploring kinky things.  

Kinky Sex Ideas to Try

Sex must be fun. The fun doubles if the sex session is dirty too. It does not matter if you are doing it with your partner or an escort from Manali escorts, the idea of kinky and dirty sex is always good. If you do not try out things while having sex then you are missing out on a lot. Here are some dirty things that would make you experience a different kind of sex altogether. 

  1. Try it in front of the Mirror 

The mirror theory can never go wrong when it comes to kinky dirty sex ideas. If you are in Manali, and you hire an escort from Manali escorts service to give you the ultimate relaxing as well as kinky sex session, then this idea will never fail. It is a whole different thing to see yourself have live sex. Those eye contact moments through the mirror are steamy hot. Position your partner in the right way, make her bend till you can see the face, grab her the way you want, and hit it hard. You can see her face when she is screaming loud. 

  1. Try the Icy Way 

The ice during sex will give you the most chilling, sensuous, and orgasmic sensation. No, we are not talking about using the ice only while giving an oral. We are talking about things more than that. Oral sex with ice is of course sensuous. However, rubbing the ice cubes all over the body of your escort is a different feeling altogether. Not only will you love doing it, but you just cannot imagine the level of arousal after that. Using ice cubes as a sex toy on your Manali escort is one of the kinkiest things that you can do. 

  1. The Tie-Up Game 

Accept or deny it, but we have all watched Fifty Shades of Grey and most of us liked the concept of BDSM. Well, if you hire an escort from Manali escorts service then you can get them tied and then tease them to the fullest you can. If you do not want to directly jump into bondage or do not have handcuffs, then a subtle tie-up is not a bad idea at all. If you are on an office trip to Manali, then there would be a high chance of you carrying a tie with you. You can use that to tie the hands around lightly in a chair and then tease them as much as you want by going down on them. If you are the submissive kind of person, you can do the other way around as well. 

  1. Masturbate Together 

One of the dirtiest things that you can try with a Manali escort is masturbating together. This is also one of the boldest things that you can do in kinky sex. Instruct her and tell your partner to start masturbating herself and let her moan while she uses the fingers on herself. Watch it till you get aroused enough and start masturbating yourself. Masturbate together looking into each other’s eyes till you both get to the point till you get to the point when you cannot resist any longer. This is the most satisfying as well as one of the kinkiest things that you can do while having sex. 

Bottom Line 

Good sex is all about innovation. The more innovative you are, the better sex you will have with your partner. If you take an escort service Manali, then you will have experts to guide you. There are several other dirty things that you can try with your partner. Sit and talk about the things that you both like and then keep exploring. Do not make sex boring. Keep adding innovations every day.

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